Terrell Clayton


Who is Terrell Clayton?

After playing “Eddie,” on the HBO Golden Globe winning series

“Six Feet Under” for two seasons, Terrell signed on as one of the stars in the Showtime series “Barber Shop”, which was inspired by the hit box office film of the same name. The Chicago native successfully made the transition from television to film with his role in the smash box office hit, “Spiderman 3.

In “Lakeview Terrace,” Terrell starred opposite Samuel L. Jackson in this twisted racial thriller. In his follow up feature “Ball Don’t Lie,” which is yet to be released, Terrell takes on the role of McGee, an intercity police officer who clashes with others to prevent the downslide of a basketball phenom.

Forever pushing the boundaries of expression and creativity, Terrell penned the hotly coveted roles in “It Could All Be So Simple,” an African-American love story about how a young man conquers his demons to discover love. His second expression, “For Her Daddy’s Love,” is a heart-wrenching African-American story of how a father and daughter struggle to rebuild their love and trust after a horrific event rips their world apart.

When asked about story telling from an African-American perspective, Terrell passionately states, “I don’t mind being labeled as an African-American writer. My whole life has been lived from the vantage point of being an African-American, so I write from that perspective. Plus, my history and stories are justifiably woven into the American flag, like many others.”

After being asked which of his joys he loves the most, acting or writing, Terrell holds his hand to his chest and says “acting, but writing is another powerful way of communicating. And, as an artist, I have a lot to communicate.”